I am an artist entrepreneur. My main focus are trees using a unique large scale 3-D textural technique on canvas or permanent wall installation. I do landscape and theme murals. My company Perfect Space Inc. primarily provides high-end architectural and decorative art finishes. I have training in numerous textures and techniques, including wood graining and marbling. I also do interior design and space planning.

My work is about exploring the nature of things. I use combined materials of paint, texture and collected items from nature to create my art.

I feel that our personal space is important to our overall well being. It is my hope that my creative work can help bring about more peace and more joy in myself, my customers and the world. Helping create a more perfect space for you and your loved ones. ENJOY!

I love to ask the questions why & how. Why do we do what we do as we relate to the natural processes of life? How are we connected? How do we best honor ourselves, others and the planet?  How can creating a more harmonious work or personal space assist you in being more content, focused and successful in all aspects of your life.  I would love to meet for a free consultation to see how I can help you to create your own unique space.


Call or message today.  801-380-7837